• The charts “trading activity” and “trading state of all markets” may still have problems concerning Volume. (Tough I believe that the value of Volume is not far from the actual value) Don’t trust these charts until this issue( resolved.

  • Reporting state:
  • Augur markets can be in several reporting states. And these states are color-coded in some of the following charts. For the meaning of each state, please see the official document or my blog (Japanese).

  • Zoom/Pan:
  • You can zoom by dragging the left button of the mouse in the area of interest.
    And you can switch between zooming and panning using the toolbar that appears on the chart. At any time during interactions, you can reset the chart by clicking the reset button.

  • Hide/Unhide dataseries:
  • You can hide/unhide dataseries by clicking on legend items.

  • Data updating:
  • The data used in the charts is updated every 5 minutes. To reflect the latest data on the charts, please reload this site yourself.

  • Deficiency data:
  • I get this data by calling Augur API. I can not get the data from an Ethereum node directly. If Augur API does not return historical data ,then I can not get historical data. But I want to get historical data, so I decided to record data myself. Therefore, it is not able to display the chart that I thought to record before.

  • Welcome your opinions and requests!
  • If you have any constructive opinions or requests, feel free to contact me… but I don’t know if I could grant your request hehe. [twitter:@crystalballbe] [Discord:CBB#4306]


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